Vicka the “seer” is appearing and smiling

Fr. Michele Barone of Naples, an Italian priest presented by the media as a “charismatic, mystic and healer”, published his conversations with Vicka Ivanković Mijatović in his book titled: In Medjugorje with Mary, 2015. The book, which contains 44 short chapters, was published in French in August 2016,[1] in German in October 2017,[2] and in a Swiss publishing house that also publishes works on authorized places of apparitions such as Fatima as well as unrecognized places such as San Damiano, San Martino di Schio, Medjugorje and others.

We present two of Vicka’s autobiographical passages from the original Italian edition, where the self-proclaimed seer describes to Fr. Michele her powers of unconscious bilocation, of her beauty during her youth which she points out with satisfaction, of her “apparitions” to people she did not know, of her “healing” of other persons and of other “moral miracles”. Here are her words:

1 – “They told me I was appearing to some people from time to time when I was actually in my home. They felt and noticed my presence very closely. However, I was not aware of this and therefore, I cannot confirm or deny it. An Italian lady suffering from cancer said that while she was sleeping, she saw a beautiful girl dressed in white. Later it turned out that [the lady] had been healed and wanted to make a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. When she arrived in the yard of my house and saw me, she recognized me as the young girl in her dream”.[3]

From this spontaneous narcissism we can highlight several of the “seer’s” interpretations and signs:

– Due to Vicka’s self-love as a once “beautiful girl dressed in white”, she does not differentiate that her close imaginary friendship with an Italian lady was not while she was awake, but while she was dreaming, that is, when she was “sleeping”. If everything happened in a dream, then a visible miracle is to be excluded, because dreams are dreams.

– Hence, Vicka does not need to “confirm or deny” her imaginary presence to other people because it was all part of a dream, which has nothing to do with the phenomenon of bilocation or her ability to be present in two different places at the same time.

– Now, how can we know whether this Italian lady “was healed” as reported, due to the presence of “a beautiful girl dressed in white” in her sleep or due to other medicine taken while awake?

– The self-claimed visionary humbly mentions the dreams of the healed Italian lady to Fr. Michele, which she was only able to interpret when she came to Vicka’s yard: “When she saw me, she recognized me as the young girl from her dream.” It turns out that everything happened when Vicka was a “young girl”, and a beauty at that – “a most beautiful girl”!

– How can anyone now believe in these dreams, of a person imagining her own beauty and fantasizing on her former youth?! Vicka is now 54, and she waited very long to tell us this story of when she was a “beautiful girl” several decades ago!

2 – The second example is somewhat inconsistent in its translation, and Vicka describes it immediately after the healing of the Italian lady:

In the Italian original: “The same thing happened to an American who was here [in Medjugorje] in 2006. He was very ill and in 2008 he was hospitalized. When his wife came to him, he told her that he saw me at the doorstep of the room and that I was smiling at him. I was dressed in a pink shirt and did not say anything, I only looked at him with a smile. – This experience, as well as their pilgrimage, changed their lives from the very beginning. Both came back to the Church, they became members of prayer groups and messengers of Our Lady in their surroundings”.[4]

In the German translation the persons were exchanged, whereby Vicka “appeared” to her instead of him, and she did not “smile” at him but rather to her:

“The same thing happened to an American who was here in 2006. He was very ill and in 2008 he was hospitalized. When his wife came to him, she told him that she had seen me smiling at her on the threshold of his room. I was dressed in a pink shirt and did not say anything, I only looked at her with a smile”.[5]

– There is no need to complicate things by questioning whether Vicka appeared to him or to her and whether she smiled at her or him. Knowing Vicka’s extravagance, one can calmly presume that she did not miss an imaginative opportunity to “appear” to him and her, and to “smile” at both him and her in far- away America without having set foot out of her home in Krehin Gradac.

– There is a difference however, in that Vicka appeared to the Italian lady “dressed in white” and to the Americans in an American “pink shirt”!

– There is no emphasis on the miracle of “healing” here, because this is not mentioned at all in the text, but rather a “moral change” that both Americans decided to get closer to the Church, join a prayer group and spread the messages of Our Lady in their surroundings.

The brave bishop Pavao Žanić once exclaimed in Medjugorje, in 1987: “Oh my dear Madonna, what are they doing to you”!

Lord Jesus Christ, we humbly pray to you, that you reveal the entire truth relating to the Medjugorje phenomenon and the fables of the so-called visionaries and their followers!

[1] M. Barone, A Medjugorje avec Marie: les secrets que la Sainte Vierge m’a confiés (Vicka), Hauteville, Suisse, 2016.

[2] Vicka mit Don Michele Barone, Mit Maria in Medjugorje, Hauteville, Suisse, 2017.

[3] M. Barone, A Medjugorje con Maria, I segreti che la Madonna mi ha affidato, Milano, 2015., p. 174: “Mi è stato detto che sono apparsa ad alcune persone in momenti in cui in realtà mi trovavo nella mia casa. Hanno sentito e percepito la mia presenza proprio vicino a loro, ma io non ne sono cosciente e quindi non posso né confermare né negare. Una signora italiana malata di cancro ha raccontato che mentre dormiva ha visto comparire vicino a lei una bellissima ragazza vestita di bianco. In seguito ha scoperto di essere guarita e ha voluto fare un pellegrinaggio a Medjugorje. E’ arrivata nel cortile della mia casa e, quando mi ha vista, ha riconosciuto in me la giovane del sogno.”

[4] The original text, pp. 174-175: “Lo stesso è successo a un uomo americano che era stato qui nel 2006. Era molto malato e nel 2008 si trovava in ospedale. Raggiunto dalla moglie, le ha raccontato di avermi vista sulla soglia della stanza che gli sorridevo. Indossavo una polo rosa e non parlavo, lo guardavo con il sorriso sulle labbra”.

[5] The German translation, p. 168: “Das gleiche ist einem Amerikaner passiert, der im Jahr 2006 hier gewesen war. Er war sehr krank und 2008 wurde er ins Krankenhaus eingeliefert. Als seine Frau zu ihm kam, erzählte sie ihm, dass sie mich auf die Schwelle zu seinem Zimmer gesehen habe, und dass ich ihr zugleigelächelt habe. Ich trug ein rosa Polohemd und sagte nichts, sondern schaute sie mit einem Lächeln auf den Lippen an.

Diese Erfahrung, wie auch ihre Pilgerfahrt haben ihr Leben von Grund auf verändert. Beide haben sich der Kirche wieder angenähert, gehören Gebetsgruppen an und verbreiten die Botschaften der Muttergottes in ihrer Umgebung”.

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